Reviews & Ratings

What People Are Saying About JFC Global

What our customers have to say speaks volumes! We are very proud that our average customer rating is a 9.5 on a scale of 10.

In addition to our high ratings, read actual customer feedback below.

10/10 – The staff that I worked with at the agency were all very helpful, especially Kari, she was a fantastic recruiter. She helped me along every step of the way and got me a great position with a great company!

HR Compliance Coordinator (Hillary)

10/10 – Alysa and Sabrina we wonderful to work with – I have already recommended her to a friend who has been searching for a job for a while…. If I am ever in the market for a job again, I would happily work with JFC Global and also recommend them to anyone job searching.

Digital Marketing/eCommerce Specialist (Juliana)

10/10 – Very professional crew and was a pleasure to work with. Helped me land a fantastic job at exactly the type of company I was looking for.

Process Chemical Engineer (Stephen)

Quality candidates and quick response time from Carley on every aspect of the search.

President (Dustin)

10/10 – Katelyn and her team at JFC were a huge help in finding the perfect job for me. Within a couple weeks I had the exact position I was looking for, even closer to home than my prior job. The entire process was smooth and easy on my end.

Senior Accountant (Drew)

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for finding this great candidate. We are thrilled to welcome (him) to our team and looking forward to him starting.

IT Manager (Erik)

10/10 – Sabrina continues to be a great partner. She sends qualified candidates that meet our needs. When we engage with a candidate, Sabrina is responsive and helpful. Great customer service and an excellent representation of our company to the candidate.

VP of IT (Michael)

10/10-I was very impressed with JFC staffing services. I don’t see anything that needs to be improved. As far as I’m concerned, you guys did a great job.

Milling Machinest (Vernon)

10/10 Josh was great to talk to and work with. I feel the questions he asked were relevant to getting to know what I am/was looking for in terms of a job. I like that there are several options for communication – texting being one of them. It worked for me and my busy life

Office Assistant (Elizabeth)

She has a great attitude, always arrives early before her start time so attendance is great and there have been no issues w/being asked to handle / take on more tasks. She is a great fit so kudos to JFC for sending her to us. For JFC being a new agency (we are) working with, I’m very happy w/you

Human Resources (Mary)

Kari has been far beyond amazing. She has went above and beyond for me to have an opportunity to work and I am grateful.

Biller (Nyaira)

Kelly was attentive, professional, and she did a great job of maneuvering me through the process. Thanks

Quality Manager (Gerald)

10/10 – Taylor and Greyson were absolutely wonderful!

Accounting Specialist (Lori)

I was very impressed with JFC as a a company I feel thanks with your help I have found a career. I would like to also say I was even more impressed with Kelly. To say she went above and beyond would be an understatement. Kelly took the time to listen to my specific situation. I would just like to thank JFC….

Maintenance Technician (Joshua)

Taylor and Amber were great to work with. They reached out to me with an opportunity, I didn’t seek your agency out. It worked out great and now I’ve started with my new employer as of today.

Accounts Payable Specialist (Gina)

JFC Global recruiters are very professional and excellent in sourcing candidates who meet our technical needs as well as being a good culture fit.

Director of HR (Kristina)

Applying to JFC Global has been a refreshing experience in the world of job hunting. From the very first contact, I was impressed by their professionalism and efficiency. The recruitment process was smooth[…]JFC Global made what can often be a stressful process feel seamless and supportive[…]

I.T. Systems Administrator (Tyler)

Alysa has been great to work with. Always on top of things and very supportive during the whole process. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!!!

Security Analyst (Joey)

Melanie had been absolutely fantastic to work with. She listened to what my needs were and along with my skills, and she was able to find me a position that not only was the right for professionally, but seems to be the right fit for me community-wise as well.

Staff Accountant (Beth)

I have worked with Sabrina for years. She is fantastic.

VP of Information Systems (Lydia)

Katelyn did a great job finding a new position for me that was a great fit.

Accountant (Craig)

The recruiting staff is responsive and knowledgeable. They cultivate both the candidate and employer sides of the relationships. They earn your trust.

Assistant Controller (Andrea)

Meredith was an amazing recruiter, I felt very comfortable working with her through the hiring process. She was very responsive & a great help with navigating through the hiring process. My references she contacted had great things to say about her personality and professionalism as well.

Production Planner (Ciarra)

Katelyn really has been great through this entire process. I thought it would be challenging because I m battling cancer, but she made it so smooth. I m so grateful!

Accounts Payable Specialist ( Tracey)

Greg was great! He was very helpful and made sure my experience with my new job is all I expected.

Customer Service Representative (Christine)

Josh was very helpful and informative with positions available.

Registration Associate (Lori)

I m really thankful to Kerry Denny for helping me to find the right job for me. She was amazing […] I would definitely recommend JFC to my friends and family.

Production Associate (Bishnu)

I was contacted by Rob about a job recently and the whole process was really positive! He was polite and professional and took the time to go through all the details of the position[…] I am very happy with the whole experience and would recommend Rob to anyone looking for a job!

Receptionist (Sonia)

She [Courtney Shaffer] was very cordial and respectful, very knowledgeable explaining what the company stands for, was always in communication with what the next steps were and who I should expect to be contacting me in each step.[…] from my experience it seems that there s great communication in the team […]

Supply Technician (Leticia)

Courtney was awesome. She was very attentive throughout the process. Courtney was extremely helpful with the transition. The communication helped me a lot to make the transition smooth.

Quality Control Technician (Gilmarie)

Josh was nothing short of amazing. Gave me lots of tips and helped every step of the way. If I needed anything he got right back to me Josh is really good at his job!

Customer Service Representative (Tracy)

Nikki was absolutely amazing! I wasn t looking but she found me an awesome opportunity . I never felt any pressure from her when deciding if I wanted to leave my current employer […]

Accounting Manager (Bobbi)

Representatives are always genuinely interested in helping fill the positions and listen to what skills are needed and provide qualified candidates.

HR Manager (Michelle)

Melanie was really helpful throughout this whole process and found me a great position that I would ve never had access to. If I didn t start working with Melanie and JFC I wouldn t have had such an exciting opportunity to start my career.

Accounts Payable (Aaron)

Good job placement that got me a 35% pay increase and out of consulting!

I.T. Endpoint Manager (Jordan)

Very personalized and nurturing service. I’ve always felt like the recruiters genuinely care for me and are doing their utmost to aid in the advancement of my career path.

I.T. Technician (Leo)

They did everything to help me get a career in a field I ve been trying so hard to get into. Everything was perfect!

I.T. Systems Administrator (Grant)

[Our Candidate] is doing a fantastic job. He’s learning quickly, is a strong communicator and is very professional when interacting with students and families.

HR Manager (Michele)

We have had a great experience with JFC, and especially in the last couple of months where we have hired two full time employees as well as [candidate name] temporarily through JFC. [Candidate] has been everything we could ask for and more[…] She really fits in well and we all enjoy working with her.

Hiring Manager (Logan)

Rob was great! He was available to answer any question that I had and was very responsive to emails. I appreciate all his help!

Legal Administrative Assistant (Bethany)

Alysa and Michael were amazing

Data Analyst (Elliott)

Kelly did an amazing job placing me into a job that I like and enjoy and made me feel ok with rejecting certain companies and finding a good fit for me.

Maintenance Technician (Brian)

I think JFC is a great agency with people who are highly invested in making sure candidates are comfortable and a solid fit for their clients. I have already recommended them to a friend but he is not actively looking at the moment. Will be keeping JFC in mind for others in the future as well.

Software Engineer (Jonathan)

Sabrina Gallagher and the JFC Global Team have been great to work with. They take time to understand the business s needs, and deliver. Communication and follow-through is strong. Candidates are well-vetted.

Senior VP of HR (Barbara)

Josh was so great to work with! […] He got answers from employers that I might not have been able to get myself and he worked to get my requirements met from prospective employers. […] There is nothing that you could have done better. My experience was excellent!

Customer Service Representative (Debbie)

The whole process from start to finish was very thorough and I was able to ask any questions whenever they were to arise and have a speedy response. I felt like I was always on their mind whenever they got a new position that related to what I was looking for.

IT Technician (Christopher)

Greg is awesome to work with. He is very professional and always responds to my questions quickly.

Registration Associate (David)

He [Eric Landon] was very helpful in every aspect. Answered every question. Is constantly in contact making sure I’m still okay with the job applied for.

Assembler (Cimone)

Josh is friendly, helpful and encouraging. I felt his communication was just right. Not too much and not too little. I look forward to staying in touch during my 1st month at the new job.

Administrative Assistant (Jennifer)

We have used JFC to provide candidates for 3 positions over the past year and have received outstanding service on all ends! 2 full time positions have been filled!

President (Dan)

This is the second placement we have had with JFC, both have exceeded our expectations. We hired our last placement, and would love to keep [Candidate] on for as long as possible[…] The tasks that we needed filled are a bit repetitive and mundane, but that does not keep [Candidate] from having a smile on their face!

VP of HR (Christy)

Sabrina was great at finding candidates quickly and keeping in touch with me throughout the entire process.

Director (Phil)

Josh was great! He had very good communication and was very informative throughout the whole process[…]It was a good experience and I appreciated the communication and responsiveness very much.

Administrative Assistant (Mindy)

Meredith was extremely helpful. She took time learning who I am, listened to my concerns, and put great effort into helping me find a new job during an uncomfortable time in my life.

Applications Engineer (Garrett)

I like working with Kerry Denny. She kept me up with what is going on. She is a very friendly person and she answered all my questions I had.

Utility Assembler (Kathy)

He [Robert Hanosek] was very informative and reliable. He always got back to me as soon as he could with questions I had. He was always very polite.

HR Manager (Edward)

Tamara has been very kind and helpful through out the whole interviewing and hiring process. She is amazing at communicating and I truly appreciate all the help & information I have received from Tamara. […] every question was answered, communication was on point. Respectful and kind.

Customer Service (Idianys)

Greg kept great contact in letting me know how each process was progressing.

Receptionist (Denise)

Josh is very thorough and conscientious and I would recommend him to any of my colleagues who might need JFC Services.

Administrative Coordinator (Traci)

Alysa, by far, went above and beyond in assisting me finding a job, more than every recruiter I have ever worked with in the past! […] Without her, I honestly have no idea how I would of finally got the big break that I have been struggling to find. Alysa truly has helped turn my life around for the better […]

IT Support Technician (Brandon)

Josh is very personable. He understands my needs and works with me to achieve my goals. I have been with Josh for 2 years and will continue to work with him for as long as he is available with JFC.

Document Clerk (Barbara)

Nikki Jordan has been wonderful. Given our toughest and I’m sure, our most frustrating position, she persevered and found us the perfect fit for our team! The finance team at JFC is awesome all around!

Talent Aquisition Specialist (Peyton)

She [Courtney Shaffer] is absolutely wonderful! Extremely helpful and kind! Very satisfied with eagerness to help me.

Assembler (Mandy)

They were extremely helpful in everything I needed and were very nice to me. 10/10, would definitely recommend.

Maintenance Technician (Karim)

She [Emily Lupi] made the whole experience very easy to understand. I always felt I could ask her anything!! I am very blessed to have been assigned to her!!

Scheduler (Beverly)

Melanie was very professional and a great communicator.

Payroll Administrator (Daniel)

I dealt with Kelly Barth & her coworker Scott, and they worked with me, stayed in touch and found me the perfect job on just being proactive & sending my resume. It was a little bit of a waiting process, but I got the BEST job. I couldn’t have done it without them[…]I would highly recommend anyone to Kelly or Scott.

Project Manager (Carolyn)

Michael Paul and the team I work with at JFC Global know exactly what I’m looking for and always provide quality candidates.

Vice President (John)

Sabrina and the JFC team provice excellent service. They pay attention to my needs and provide the best options in a tough staffing marketplace.

CIO (Chuck)

I have actually already referred one of my colleagues to JFC Global for their job search. I recommended it to them as the team has been a big help with my past employments. Sabrina Strong in particular has been a very supportive help as well as Rachelle Kollar!

IT Network Technician (Curry)

Courtney is so incredible to work with! She is so kind and supportive and also very thorough. It was great speaking with her before each interview I had and she really helped me prepare for them. I am so grateful to have had her by my side during this process.

Workshop Technician (Emily)

Kate did an amazing job at keeping me informed, keeping in touch, and giving me tips to help the process along. She offered tips on improving my resume, prepping for the interview, and reviewing my thank you note.[…]She’s done such a wonderful job and continues to provide me with tips to improve my work experience.

IT Developer (Ellie)

Scott was extremely nice and thorough during the entire hiring process. He answered every question I had and if he didn’t know something, he’d find it out […] it seems like JFC hires great people to help job seekers find a new path in their careers. Will definitely be recommending JFC to anyone in need of a job.

Plant Technician (Logan)

Tamara has been a complete blessing. She was very professional and answered all my questions. She was available for phone calls and always emailed me back quickly. She is very good at her job!

Administrative Assistant (Christine)

Rachelle and Michael were EXCELLENT to work with. They both went above and beyond to help me along this journey. They were beyond impressive.

Information Technology Manager (Jason)

He [Greg Potter] is very kind and responsive.

Scheduler (Angelyz)

My experience with JFC has always been GREAT and they always send me GREAT workers

Materials Manager (Rich)

From beginning to end, Melanie was there to explain everything to me. She only offered jobs to me within my parameters and went above and beyond to answer my questions.

Accountant (Shannon)

[She] is doing very well! She has such a positive attitude and has picked up everything we have asked her to do quickly. Her positivity and willingness to dig into anything we ask is a breath of fresh air. We have been so happy with the candidates you have connected us with.

Hiring Manager (Missy)

[…]my first day was amazing. The people are really nice and actually care. The company seems incredibly family oriented which is exactly what I was looking for. I have recommended and shared contact information with my former team in hopes they can get better placement and better treatment than where they are now.

Application Developer (Nicholas)

This was absolutely a great experience finding a new job. Eric Landon was wonderful to have on my side for this. He was very informative and quick to get back to me every time I had questions. Hopefully I won’t need JFC Services again, but if I do there won’t be any hesitation. I thank you all for helping me.

General Labor (Bradley)

Kat has been nothing but amazing! She is very sweet and genuine and looked to help me find the right career choice. Also Rob has been a big help as well. Working alongside Kat to get my process going quicker. Great team together!

Registration Administrative Associate (Talaycia)

The recruiters I worked with (Josh and Emily) were extremely helpful and explained every step of the way.[…]provided additional help with preparing for interviews as well as provided learning material pertaining to the resignation of my current employer. They were wonderful to work with and will highly recommend them

Customer Service Representative (Christina)

[…]I appreciate all of the help he [Robert Hanosek] provided me with my journey on searching for a job. He understood what I was looking for and moved in the right direction. He returns calls and follows up immediately. I am truly grateful for the help he provided and the job he did.

Receptionist (Nereida)

Eric was very kind! Even when he didn’t have work available he made sure he let me know as soon as he did. He also listened to what I was looking for in a position. He really takes care of us!

Material Stocker (Lisa)

Greg is an amazing recruiter who keeps in constant communication, answers all questions to the best of his abilities, and is just an all-around awesome guy. He really does his best to work with his recruits and their needs as employees. I would recommend him to anyone.

Scheduler (Becca)

I am a person who is bigger on giving constructive criticism and feedback, but I had an incredible experience with JFC.

Account Coordinator (Meghan)

Josh has been great to work with. Very polite and professional manner, he has also been great in keeping me included in any changes or updates that have happened.

Project Coordinator (Stephanie)

Courtney was awesome. She kept in contact and recommended great places to work that fit my skill set. Hopefully I won’t have the need but I would definitely work with her in the future if needed.

Shipping and Receiving Associate (Ross)

Alysa worked very hard to find a great opportunity matched with my career path[…] Even now, I’m a week into my new job, she still followed up with me to make sure I’m happy in my new role and that things keep going according to plans. Best experience so far with a recruiting company. Keep up the good work.

IT Support Specialist (Jose)

Greg has been great to work with! He went beyond what a traditional recruiter usually does in helping clients to obtain work.

Accounting Assistant (Andrew)

The technical recruiters are easily some of the best that I’ve worked with, and really seem to care about making sure that you get placed with a good fit!

Senior IT Developer (Eric)

Everyone was great to work with. All phases of the process were great, and easy to follow. I was kept up to date, and no issue came up. Absolutely the smoothest process I have been through.

IT Manager (Christopher)

Emily is amazing! She is kind and supportive. She listens to what you are interested in a job. She is on top of everything that you are needing and surroundings. I have recommended many people to JFC and have told many people about Emily and requesting her as a recruiter!

Project Assistant (Lyndsay)

She [Kerry Denny] has been great to work with. Very kind and informative with great response time!

Project Crew (Sasa)

Greg was wonderful and always pleasant and helpful.

Office Assistant (Michelle)

Kerry is super bubbly and it is contagious! She answered all my questions and concerns. She did awesome at looking out for my best interest. I couldn’t thank her harder if I tried.

Shipping and Receiving Associate (Angela)

Thanks again for your help with this placement! I always appreciate how you understand my hiring philosophy and find candidates that will work well on my team.

CIO (Chuck)

Tamara was great! She and I communicated every day in order for me to transition to employment.

Registration Associate (Lyn )

I work with Michael Paul at JFC and she has been THE BEST and nothing less in sourcing candidates for our Carlisle team.

Global Services Manager (Sai)

They were very helpful in finding a position that will be a great fit for my skills and experience. […] They gave great advice, prep for interview, and materials to help from start to finish.

Accounting Specialist (Jean)

Very helpful, extremely nice and thoughtful in following up with the process.

Reach Truck Operator (Edward)

JFC Global raised the bar for me during my experience. Most recruiters I have found are not as caring, thorough, or involved as Kate and Michael were. […] I received feedback and tips continuously. I felt more like a person than a dollar sign, which is better than any business has made me feel in a decade.

Senior IT Administrator (William)

Great to work with! [Robert Hanosek] Answered all my questions.

Administrative Assistant (Lisa)

Tamara was extremely helpful with my job search. She helped me every step of the way and gave me great advice!

Office Assistant (Samantha)

Tamara has been a blessing to work with. She is super kind and professional. I appreciate all her help.

Administrative Assistant (Susan)

Greg potter has been extremely polite and professional, he is very knowledgeable at his job. I appreciate that he took the time to speak with me and listen to any of my concerns or any questions I had.

Scheduler (Kennifer)

Rob is awesome. He is very polite and professional and does all that needs done for the ones whom he recruits for. I truly appreciate him.

Scheduler (Casondra)

Kind and helpful! Thank you

Scheduler (Taelyr)

Emily Lupi has been fantastic to work with during the recruiting process.

HR Manager (Charlie)

The team just goes above and beyond. Wonderful group to work with.

Director of IT Development (Stephen)

JFC Global made the process of job searching very easy and answered any questions I might have had or concerns. Kelly [Barth] was very helpful and took very good care of me!

Purchasing Manager (Christina)

Eric has been great and friendly to work with. He has been communicative and prompt, and has provided excellent detail.

Material Technician (Racheal)

Mike is the best. He is very responsive and very cordial. I look forward to working with the JFC Workforce team. My experience was always awesome

Material Stocker (Jeffrey)

[…] [JFC Global] helped me secure a job that I really enjoy and they really will contact you throughout the time you are working to make sure you re OK and will help you if you have problems or issues in the workplace. It really is one of the best places that I ve ever had help me get a job.

HVAC Technician (Kyle)

Very professional, great at follow-ups, within the whole entire process and after you are hired!

Engineer ( Dessie)

They (JFC Global) were much better than any of the other recruiting firms that we’ve tried.

CFO (Ed)

They helped me to find a job and they were with me every step of the way. It was very seamless!

Accounting Controller (Robin)

JFC Global made the process of job hunting very easy. Gave great tips and advice to help prepare for the interview. Also was able to provide more insight on the position and the company than what is shared in a normal job listing.

Accounting Administrator (Kelly)

Melanie Tanner is amazing. She reached out to me when she saw my resume on Indeed and worked her magic. She was so thorough with explaining things, making sure I was prepared for interviews and checking up on me afterwards. I felt like she really had my back and my best interests in mind[…]

Property Accountant (Yvette)

Carley at JFC Global has gone above and beyond to assist me throughout the entire process. She was helpful from finding jobs, to assisting with the interview process, and all the way to ensuring the job is going well. With the help of JFC I was confident in my interview and fully prepared to land the job. Thanks again!

Engineering Analyst (Jesse)

Our contacts at JFC Global have always been easy to work with. They listen to our needs and then get to work on finding us good candidates. Most recently, we contracted through JFC for a business analyst and she has been wonderful!

Director of IT (Dave)

My experience with JFC Global has been excellent, both as a customer and as a candidate.

Manager (Jason)

Amber was very helpful and insightful in my job search. She kept me well informed throughout the process and continually stayed in touch.

Accounting Analyst (Meagan)

Mike was very helpful and we stayed connected through the whole process. I need a change in my career and he helped me make it possible. I felt very comfortable reaching out to him with any questions or concerns. Thank you for helping me in this process. You helped me find my dream job that I didn’t even knew existed.

Material Technician (Terry)

Taylor and Sabrina were thorough, communicative, and generally a pleasure to work with. I’ve worked with many recruiters during my career, and they were among the best.

IT Database Director (Zachary)

JFC Global was great to work with. Katelyn kept me up to date every step of the way through interview process. During our initial conversations, she took into consideration the professional areas I was interested in and what type of work I desired.

Sr. Accountant (Marcia)

I can not say enough positive things about Brett. His friendly and professional demeanor made this an amazing experience. I have struggled for over a year to get into the HR field and I know without a doubt I would still be struggling if it weren’t for Brett. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

HR Assistant (Jamie)

Constant communication.[…] JFC called to go over tips for the 1st day of work and they scheduled periodic check ins to see how the job was going. JFC really helped to take a lot of the stress of finding a new job. An exceptional company that I would (and have) recommended to colleagues who are also job searching.

IT Engineer (Zachary)

Eric is great! He worked with me every step of the way and even pursued helping even after I had initially declined work. Cordial and direct, I couldn’t be happier from the help he gave.

Laborer (Joseph)

Super friendly and courteous recruiters. Willing to go above and beyond to make this a seamless process. Would recommend!

Project Manager (Asia)

She [Emily Lupi] was a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude are infectious. I enjoyed working with her very much.

HR Administrator (Amy)

Melanie is amazing and extremely helpful. She was very encouraging and made sure I was happy every step of the way. Her positive energy just made everything so much better.

Sr. Accountant (Alexis)

Mike has done a wonderful job helping me move forward with the new company […] and I’m so grateful that he helped me out in the way that he did thank you Mike

Reach Truck Operator (Gregory)

Ashley is a pleasure to work with. She takes pride in her work and has become a great addition to the team. A perfect fit for our needs!

CFO (Scott)

Kate did an awesome job. Was responsive and worked really hard to get me the position that was right for me. I’ve never had a recruiter that understood my value, technical skills, and fit for a position better than Kate McDonald.

Technical Support Analyst (Joshua)

[…]Alysa really went above and beyond […] From interview to hire, the process was so smooth. Alysa was extremely transparent about all of the aspects of the process and it was a real pleasure to work with her. I can tell that Alysa must be a huge asset to JFC Global. Thank you so much for all that you do!!

Technical Support Analyst (Brian)

Extremely professional process and timely responses to any of my questions.

Accountant (Andrew)

The recruiter [Alysa Hart] has been very attentive and effective in placing me in a position that fits my skill set.

Technical Support Associate (Michael)

The process from scheduling the interview to sending me the offer letter went very well. After searching on my own for a long time without success, it was nice not having to stress over each step of the interview process.

Purchasing Manager (Kim-Marie)

Emily is super efficient, always answers my numerous questions, very kind and extremely helpful! She s made my onboarding very easy.

Data Entry Associate (Brittany)

Robert Hanosek is very professional and on top of his game. He has been in constant contact with me as I transfer into my position with [my new company]

Customer Service Specialist (Robert)

Emily is a pleasure to work with! She made my interview and onboarding experience fairly easy!

Administrative Assistant (Satin)

She [Courtney Shaffer] is amazing at her job will recommend anyone to speak to her.

Machine Operator (Sean)

JFC Global is fantastic! It s been a great experience since day 1!

IT Specialist (Michael)

I have always been very happy and satisfied with JFC.

Services Coordinator (Linda)

Rob is great! Friendly and very professional. I am having awesome experiences.

Medical Office Assistant (Casondra)

Great job! Great pool of candidates and you made it hard to narrow the options down. Keep up the great work!

Manager (Sherry)

Sabrina and the JFC Global team are simply phenomenal at what they do. The entire process was actually pleasant. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a new job.

IT Manager (Brian)

I have nothing but good things to say about Kate and Sabrina. In the time that I personally have been on the job hunt they got me an interview and a job in a fraction of the time that I was trying to do this myself[…]The help I got from these 2 was quick, professional, and friendly in all aspects […]

Security Administrator (Michael)

I found a position that I enjoy and can see myself working for many years to come. The continued support from my recruiter (Josh) even after starting my new job was excellent. So I would like to say Thank you![…]

Records Processing Associate (Clarinda)

Paige and Sabrina went above and beyond in executing their duties. They are very professional and good at what they do. I do like how they communicate in a friendly and professional manner, providing tips to prepare me for success.[…]JFC Global is a great company and I will refer the company to friends or colleagues.

Business Intelligence Developer (Bright)

Your company is in the know about the openings in the central PA region. […] Michael and Rachelle are personable and very polite. They have great follow-up, and they are persistent. They provide clarification for everything, and have everything at their fingertips to provide to the candidate. […]

IT Project Manager (Gregory)

I have enjoyed working with JFC Global and they have helped us hire really good analysts for our team.

Business Analyst Manager (Stephanie)

Every interaction with Rachelle is amazing. Unlike other staffing agencies that make you feel like they are trying to sell you a job, Rachelle truly cares about getting you into a position you want[…]everyone else seems great as well. Just calling in and speaking to the receptionist is always extremely pleasant.

Systems Administrator (Dale)

In my experience with working with recruiters, I ve never come across such a hard working recruiter as Carly Bobb. My experience with her had been amazing through my journey of finding a job and getting hired. Carly has not just been professional, but also invested her time and efforts at a personal level […]

Design Drafter (Aditya)

JFC Global was able to find me a position that worked with me, and fast. They helped me get into the position I wanted, and find like-minded people. Also, working with Paige Burkhart was easy, and she was great with keeping up with communication.

IT Technician (Mohamed)

Amazing customer service, & the communication is outstanding.

Store Clerk (Aamara)

JFC Global s recruiters have done very well at reaching out to me, both by phone and email, when job opportunities have presented themselves. They ve also been a big help during the interviewing process as well.

Help Desk Associate (Curry)

Only worked with Michael Paul for a short period of time but she has already landed me two jobs opportunities.

Network Administrator (Brett)

Great service. Friendly and helpful staff. Found a role for me quickly.

Marketing Coordinator (Alexander)

We recently filled two roles, and the team at JFC Global was professional and on top of their game. Sabrina Strong, Rachelle and everyone who worked on these two hires was service oriented and very responsive.

Senior Director (Barbara)

Your recruiters always provide quality candidates.

Recruiter (Beate)

JFC works with you and stands behind you. There were a few positions I applied to work at through JFC. However, when Emily Lupi and I spoke, we discussed hours and distance from my home. JFC in 1983 placed me in my first job and now have placed me in my last job at [Company]. I am so happy to be there.[…]

Administrative Assistant (Amy)

I am very happy with my experience with JFC

Records Processing Associate (Danielle)

Emily Lupi was extremely helpful through the entire process from the initial interview to my first day, I couldn t have been more prepared.

Program Associate (Janirette)

Sabrina is a pleasure to work with. Communicative without being overbearing/micromanaging.

Software Development Manager (Winston)

[..]I have never worked with a recruiting firm before and was really impressed with the service and attention to detail that was given to me. Navigating the interview process was a very pleasant experience and I was never left wondering what to expect next[..]I would highly recommend Michael or Sabrina to anyone I know

Director of Information Technology (Timothy)

Courtney and Sabrina were excellent partners to work with throughout the job seeking process. Their lines of communication were always open and they were respectful of my time and the changes I would be working through. I would be happy to refer any of my previous or future colleagues to partner with them[…]

Business Analyst (Alexander)

Working with Emily has been great! She is very professional, yet kind and caring. I appreciate her positivity. She has gone out of her way to help me!

Call Center Associate (Vanessa)

Michael Paul, as the recruiter working with me from JFC Global, was extremely helpful and on top of things during the entire process[…]Throughout the entire interview process, Michael provided me with resources and advice that I think helped me to stand out[…]I would definitely recommend JFC Global to anyone […]

Application Developer (Steven)

Katelyn contacted me the very next day after I sent in my resume[…]She kept in touch daily via email, text, Zoom, and phone. She gave me advice on how to prepare for the interview. This is the best job application experience I have ever encountered in my working life. I will highly recommend JFC Global to anyone[…]

Accounts Receivable Specialist (Denise)

Michael is such a genuine guy, enjoyed working with him so much was very easy to get things taken care of. If I could I'd rate even higher. He made sure I had everything I needed to get started and worked with me until my start date. Very rare with an agency.

Reach Truck Operator (Brittan)

Very happy with my interactions with JFC and extremely happy with Ed. He is doing a fantastic job!

Director of Event Planning (Dorothy)

Michael Paul provided timely updates, great communication, provided preparation for my interviews and handled communication with my future employer. She made my transition much easier than expected and I highly recommend going through JFC Global instead of handling communications yourself. […]

Systems Administrator (Scott)

Top of the line service

Service Store Clerk (Abhishek)

The recruiter I worked with looked at my employment background and found a suitable position for me. Deb Shindel is top notch.

OR Material Technician (Rodney)

JFC and in particular the recruiter I spoke to, Courtney Shaffer, provided excellent service. They were fast, friendly, and extremely accommodating throughout the whole process. Searching for a job can be a very stressful experience but they were able to make everything easy and painless. […]

OR Material Technician (Kyle)

My recruiter Rachelle was responsive, a pleasure to work with, and helpful when dealing with clients. I feel like you have my interests in mind.

IT Database Developer (Paul)

Great experience with Katelyn & Amber. Very helpful with excellent feedback and prompt responses […] team did great!

Business Analyst (Kirsten)

JFC understood our mission and what we were looking for. They provided quality candidates to us very quickly and were on top of the process.

Chief HR Officer (Sandy)

Easy and friendly experience.

Buyer (Heather)

The level of professionalism exhibited by JFC staff to match the needs of employment seekers with employers and the level of commitment to maintaining effective communication throughout the process.

Data Entry Clerk (Robert)

Very helpful in all regards. Able to set up interviews and contact potential employers with great efficiency. Understanding with a busy schedule.

Staff Accountant (Christopher)

Amber has been great at getting us quality candidates and her communication and timely responses have been great.

Business Analyst Manager (Stephanie)

Professional people to work with

Ecommerce Fulfillment Representative (Jacqueline)

Kerry was so nice and got me to work quickly with no hassles. She communicated with me and made sure I was informed of what was going on. The paperwork online was simple. I see nothing that needs improved. The staff is totally professional.

Electrical Panel Assembler (Jason)

Charles has been nothing but great. Great work ethic, great attitude, follows instructions, etc.. He has been awesome so far.

Operations Manager (Rich)

Rachelle and the team at JFC Global are incredibly helpful. Through every step of the process, they are communicative, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with. They've also linked me up with a job that feels like it will be exactly what I was hoping to find. Everything is great at this time.

Systems Administrator (Dominic)

The recruiters I worked with were wonderful and stayed in constant communication and answered any questions I had. […]Keep up the good work! I've worked with many recruiters and agencies and this has been one of the best experiences I've had.

Project Manager (Angelica)

I have worked with Amber numerous times. She has always looked out for my best interest and I really appreciate everything she has done for me.

Acccounting Assistant (Sharon)

My experience with Brianna was excellent. She is very upbeat and personable. […] JFC provides the extra step that I have not experienced with the agency I have previously used. Two examples being the meeting to prepare me for a successful interview and the Virtual Lunch I am looking forward to attending next week.

Accounts Receivable (Angela)

Alysa is very professional and sent prospective jobs, that met the requirements we discussed, to me to consider a new position. Props to Alysa Hart for keeping in touch for three years, even when I wasn't actively searching for a new job. JFC was the most consistent with continuing to check-in over the years.

Systems Administrator (Kody)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael Paul. She is an excellent communicator and very insightful. Michael was responsive; she coordinated her teams efforts effectively.

Director (Brian)

Alyssa has been very helpful with my career search. Taking all of the factors into consideration such as size of the organization and department and how well my abilities and personality could fit into the role. All of this has helped to find what should be a bright future with the organization.[…]

Systems Administrator (Jeremy)

Stuff like that doesn't come up in conversation much for me, but I would recommend JFC if someone were to mention they were looking for a new job because it worked out very well for me. The recruiter Kerry was very nice and helpful. […] my experience was great.

Panel Wireperson (Kerry)

Great customer service and prompt responses.

Shipping Associate (Jamie)

Nikki was fantastic from the first voice-mail message left to today's call to follow up how my last day at my now old job went.

Billing Specialist (Julie)

Sabrina and Courtney were always communicating with me. Checking in, answering questions and supporting me through the process. It was a great experience. […] The process was really the best I have gone through.

Systems Administrator (Adam)

Kerry did an excellent job finding me employment! […]You guys are great

Cleaner (John)

How helpful the recruiters are. In my opinion it's perfect

Press Operator (Joshua)

Rachelle is such an all-star. From the moment I contacted her, she put in 100% energy and has been extremely dedicated to my career development(this is the second time now she has placed me at a company). She pays close attention to what your strengths and goals are and works tirelessly to help you find the perfect fit

IT Application Support (Tohan)

I was given a good service from JFC. Keep up your good care and service from your employees.

Production Operator (Olivier)

Deb Shindel is who I deal with most often at my local branch and she does an excellent job with anything I reach out to her about.

Distribution Center Manager (Crystall)

Taylor was the recruiter I worked with. She was able to get me an interview in no time […]

Fulfillment Supervisor (Jason)

Very effective job placement, knew what kind of position I wanted and was able to find a great match for me, and was very helpful in preparing for the interview and securing the position.

IT Application Support (Ryan)

Amber did a great job throughout the entire process. She communicated with me frequently, provided very helpful interview guidance and answered all of my questions.[…] Amber did a great job!

Plant Controller (Randall)

Great people, awesome attitude.

Fulfillment Supervisor (Yojan)

JFC has been great with me helping me get a great job and understanding my goals. You guys are great!!!

Assembler (Jesenia)

Carley Bobb was the most wonderful person to work with. Her personality shines through the whole process and makes the job search process smooth.

Quality Engineer (Sarah)

The lady I've been working with, Courtney Shaffer, is fantastic.

Machine Operator (Bethany)

The communication is great. If I have any questions there is a quick response/reply back.

Data Entry Associate (Rayann)

JFC Global is professional at a very high level and they take pride in their work. JFC staff are articulate in discussing roles and make it easy for any candidate to prepare for interviews. JFC staff are very friendly[…]keep up the great work and I hope this type of service resonates with everyone in the company.

Systems Administrator (Mark)

Alysa and Rachelle were very helpful in the job search and interview/hiring process. I was not expecting to receive assistance with updating and tailoring my resume and I was not expecting direct hire. My experience with JFC Global is by far the best experience I've ever had with a staffing agency.

PC Technician (Courtney)

I like how the recruiter takes the time to analyze your requirements and find the best results for your career. […] Everyone at JFC Global is willing to help you to reach your goals.

Business System Analyst (Hiten)

JFC was very helpful in seeking employment. Chris Kokes was very thorough with helping me find a job within the type of work, schedule, and income that I was seeking.

Customer Service Representative (Dawn)

Chris was a great listener and found me a wonderful place to work. I wanted variety in a job and a better atmosphere to work in. He found that and much more.

Administrative Assistant (Connie)

Everything about the entire process with Katelyn was smooth. She also did a great job of always keeping in contact and following up with me.

Accountant (Dontez)

Katelyn Pearson was able to get me in contact with a company fairly quickly and also checked on me to make sure everything was going well. She kept me updated whenever she found out new information that benefited me.

Accountant (Ti’Kerra)

I was contacted promptly by Kerry Denny and her follow up, from day one through today, is very professional and to the point. […] Kerry covered all aspects and was detail oriented. Kerry's helpful, cheerful, and uplifting spirit gives the job candidate a more positive road to follow. […] Keep up the good work!

Fulfillment Supervisor (Porfirio)

Courtney and Sabrina worked really closely with me and provided information when new positions were open. They continued to check on me when applying and gave me good feedback.

Help Desk (Ralphy)

Chris presented me with assignment options, not just one, which was great[…]I do not think I mentioned it to him at the time, but I always get nervous with interviews. However, I felt prepared for it after doing my interview prep with him.[…]I could go on and on about how seamless Chris made this experience for me.

Patient Account Associate (Tiffany)

Brianna, my recruiter, was beyond helpful every step of the way!

Medical Office Associate (Candy)

The process was simple. My recruiting specialist Brianna Titi is great. JFC had a thorough preparation process that helped me to prepare for my interview and kept up with me after I got a job.

Receptionist (Alexis)

Rachelle and Michael did an excellent job, from when I first spoke to JFC Global about moving on from my former company to showing me how I can best excel at the new job. […] We were always on the same page throughout this whole process. I would gladly work with both Rachelle and Michael again.

Programmer Analyst (Matthew)

Great service, great communication, great jobs. Wanting to find the right job for me, not just about staffing a position but staffing the right position. Scott did an awesome job.

Quality Inspector (Cory)

Always a great experience with finding a position. Always in touch with me about new opportunities.

Accounting Disbursements Coordinator (Yashira)

Very helpful, kind, and they kept me up to date on everything that was happening throughput the process.

Controls Engineer (Trenton)

Great service and easy to work with

POS Analyst (Christopher)

Helpful and very friendly

Data Entry Associate (Christina)

The recruiters always seem to have exactly what you're looking for and they work with you to find you the right job that fits your schedule.

High Reach Forklift Associate (Victor)

Brianna has been great to work with. She has been prompt with all replies and follow ups.

Data Entry Associate (Vanessa)

Chris was on top of everything during the whole interview and job offer process.

Customer Service Representative (Heather)

Rachelle and Sabrina were superb to work with. They provided great insight into the process and fantastic tips so that I felt prepared and comfortable every step of the way. Rachelle even asked what would make the offer better and I indicated a better salary. […] they were able to get a little more! […]

Systems Analyst (Leslie)

JFC has great service and helps you find jobs that fit your career goals.

Patient Account Associate (Kristen)

I was a JFC employee in the past and had a great experience with the job I was assigned to back then and working for an agency again, almost 10 years later, the experience with JFC is still great.

Patient Account Associate (Kristen)

Victoria and Michael have been constantly in touch and through every single step of every interview[…]nothing short of excellent in helping me as much as possible. I cannot say enough good things about everyone I have dealt with at JFC Global. They have been so kind and professional[…]

Office 365 Engineer (Joel)

My agent Michael Hochreiter, He pushed and never wavered until he found a company just right for me. Best agent at JFC in my opinion by far […] Everything was great.

Shipping Associate (Sage)

I think JFC is the best temp to work with. Courtney did a great job.

Assemblers (David)

Excellent Staff

Shipping Associate (Francisco)

JFC Global was so valuable during the entire process of finding a job. Nelson was super nice and helpful, he walked me through every step of the process and gave valuable advice about interviewing. I'm really happy with the position I found and I couldn't have gotten it without JFC Global.

Accountant (Jessica)

I have dealt with Amber for years and she has been very professional and found me the job best suited for me.

Accountant (Sharon)

The customer service skills are on point and the concern they have for their employees is very courteous. Keep doing what you're doing.

Administrative Assistant (Doris)

Scott Blake did an outstanding job. He was proactive on every task at hand, ensuring I received a job! This guy is so impressive. I pray I get to work with him in the future!

Inventory Control (Joseph )

Chris Kokes, my recruiter, has been very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. I have enjoyed working and interacting with him. He has also worked along with my client supervisor to get any issues resolved quickly. I am loving the assignment and am very excited about the potential[…]

Medical Office Associate (Michael)

Maria was extremely helpful and understanding she got me to a job that I asked for. Can't do much better than that

Crew Leader (Justin)

I think they're doing a wonderful job. No complaints.

Medical Office Associate (Emily)

Thorough company that provides updates as they receive them from the client. Working with Matt Walsh and his supervisor, Scott, was a pleasure and I would seek JFC Global again down the road if searching for a new position.

Process Engineer (Christopher)

The process from applying to JFC Global to getting a job was the easiest process I have ever gone through. Taylor Nunemacher is amazing and helped make my first dream civilian job a dream come true[…]I am extremely thankful for her time and effort. I have recommended JFC to anyone who is trying to get into IT[…]

Project Tech (Gage)

The JFC Global staff (Nelson and Amber) were very prompt and efficient in their communications and they were connected in the community to be able to offer a quality position[…]This has been a very smooth, very thorough process.

Bookkeeper (Tracy)